To begin with as the Free Women's Community of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR),we salute to all person who activited daily for creating the campaign and collecting signatures for freedom of Zainab Jalalian and in their heads Star Congress. Finishing and collecting signatures campaign by the Congress Star,was delivered to the community of free women of Kurdistan East. The result of this campaign, will be sent to international institutions in the future. Also after this , we will progress our activities for freedom Jalalian at international level.

HPJ meeting


A meeting was held with the guerrillas of HPJ and YRK (Eastern Kurdistan) about the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, as well as the Kurdistan revolution and resistance in Bakur.
Sakine, a life dedicated to Kurdistan and women’s freedom
August 15 is more than a day it is a continuation of a way of life in our struggle. Throughout the Kurdish history between rebellions and failures coming and going. August 15 became an announcement of rebellion and victory. The past year was a sign of this. Firing of the first shot in August 15 1984 made our ideology of freedom even stronger and it was Öcalan who paved the way. It gave sound to the silence, light to the darkness, from bowing heads to rising up and from living in slavery to being freed. We now live honorably.
Democratic Confederalism
Fuad Beritan: Democratic Confederalism, the suitable solution for issues of Iran
Co-Chair of PJAK: Attack on Kobanî is International Conspiracy

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