Statement by Council of Free Life Party of Kurdistan ( PJAK )
about international conspiracy of October 09/1998 against the Kurdish Nation Leader ABDULLAH OJALAN ( APO )

International conspiracy of October 9, 1998 was against the Kurdish people that were done on Leader APO. We condemn all the power and politics of the countries that were involved and behind in the planning and implementation of this conspiracy, again. We cherish the memory of all martyrs of freedom in order to thwart the conspiracy.

Involvement of world powers

The Turkish government authorities and the National Security Council threatened Syria to extradite leader APO and warned them if Syria does fail, the military intervention against Syria will start. After the threats, on the border between Syria and Turkey military maneuvers began, large military force was deployed to the border of Turkey and Syria, In these circumstances, Leader APO knew that this area would face a devastating war, so he decided to leave Syria. The hard stage began on 9 October 1998 and Leader APO went from Syria to Greece, but due to pressure from America, Great Britain and Israel to Leader Apo he was not allowed to stay in Greece, he had to go to Russia then because of Russia's 10 billion dollars of debt, the leader APO wanted to leave the country. Leader APO peaceful journey was ended on 15 February 1999 in Kenya and he was captured and transferred to İmralı prison island in Turkey. Bulent Ajevet Prime Minster of the Turkey at that time confessed and said: "Whit out American help the capture of Ocalan was impossible. America gave us Ojalan but I do not know what the reason was ! ? "

Continued isolation, despite the passage of 17 years

Now we enter the 17th anniversary of conspiracy and still has not ended. It is against the democratic will of the Kurdish people and the leader APO. evil plot is being done. Still isolation imposed on Leader APO and has not been canceled. They denied his right to meet with their attorneys. Genocide against the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan continues. The killing of civilians and the detention of citizens increases. However, in character off leader APO, the destruction of the democratic will of the people and created a revolution was targeted, but on the contrary to the plot, the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan to neutralize the conspiracy, united around their leader and their resistance, were foiled plot. After that, the nation gain victory at the global level with the announcement of democratic autonomy in the West and North Kurdistan and still protect invincible.

Ocalan resistance and Kurdish Nation

What is pride for Kurdish nation is that they stayed along with there leader despite of dirty conspiracy that were implemented on him.
Leader APO able to stand steadily on the contrary, it created brought gains to all occupiers of Kurdistan started to panic. It removed the mask from those who were claiming to be the friends of Kurds but in reality they want to make Kurds defeated, although the Kurdish resistance cherished. struggles of Kurdish in the pursuit of their legitimate rights expanded. Perhaps resistance of leader Apo, kurdish nation under occupation make hopelessness for the occupier and there back power. The leader APO now is guarantor of peace and democracy in the region.

Iranian Government has to respect the rights of the Kurdish people

Especially the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan discover the depth of conspiracy and responsibly measures to counteract the conspiracy in 1999 and fulfilled his national duties. The Iranian regime must respect the demands of the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan and the queues outside plotters. Must recognize the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan East free democratic society and accept the system.

At the end, we declare that the plot will only be finished with the release of Leader APO and the realization of democratic confederalism system in Kurdistan and the region, so our people in East Kurdistan and all socialist and pro-democracy forces in Iran that want peace and democracy in the region in line with its historical tasks.

Council of Free Life Party of Kurdistan
October 08 / 2015

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