To begin with as the Free Women's Community of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR),we salute to all person who activited daily for creating the campaign and collecting signatures for freedom of Zainab Jalalian and in their heads Star Congress. Finishing and collecting signatures campaign by the Congress Star,was delivered to the community of free women of Kurdistan East. The result of this campaign, will be sent to international institutions in the future. Also after this , we will progress our activities for freedom Jalalian at international level.

 Because this campaign provided  the basis for unity of Kurdish women is important.   Such as Kzhar,we   know this support as a good omen and  we also bring a revolution in Kurdistan East with revolutionary spirit of women in Rojava. Undoubtedly we know that this revolution has a  social origin and its necessary for our society in all areas, to reach self-awareness and that we are witnessing this subject in Rojava Kurdistan.

Zeynab Jalalian is now 9 years in prison Srmybrd. Over the years, the Iranian government not soldiers of any crime, against political prisoners and their head Kurdish female , but despite all the policies of the Iranian government, Comrade Zainab was an example of resistance.

Also we were witnessed repeatedly been raised at international level. Especially as their physical health status as well as the freedom we have witnessed many activities. It was also considered as a major threat to the Iranian government. Therefore to suppress these activities, a special war conducted. On the other hand, while there is no news of Zeynab Jalalian.with  KJAR, we expressed to the release of political prisoners and their head Zeynab Jalalian,  we progress  our activities in all sectors.

Free Women's Community of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR)

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