KJAR calls on all women’s rights organizations to join together and struggle against women’s oppression

The brutal execution – Şehîd Ekîn Wan

Turkey’s message to the world was: We are fighting terrorists, we must knock out the IS, but the plan from the begining was fighting against the IS then turn against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). The attacks against IS was an excuse to attack the PKK, since 1th of August, several fighter planes from Incirlik Air Base of Amed (Diyarbakir) took off towards South Kurdistan, Qandil Mountains and the northern Kurdistan, against several civilian towns and villages. Dozens are seriously injured and the death toll rising every day. Several villages and homes have been vandalized, attacking several Kurdish towns with violence, particularly against women and children. A few weeks ago a pronounce from NATO came that they are Supporting Turkey’s fight against terrorists.

On 10th of August, a Kurdish female fighter of PKK guerrilla, Kevser Elturk but recognized as Ekin Wan, was caught by the special forces of the Turkish military. During a firefight between Turkish forces and members of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) in the rural town Varto. They performed barbaric torturing methods by repeatedly raping and torturing Ekin Wan, to death. Not only did they stripp off her clothes, they also photographed her naked and then spread the images around the social medias.

Ekin’s death has shaken people throughout the whole world, no one should have go through the death, Ekin Wan had to go through as a woman, but above all as a freedom fighter. She stood for democracy, freedom and justice throughout the world. This is not only a humiliation to all women in the world, but a brutal humiliation of everything that she stood for. She like many others freedom fighters wanted nothing more than peace and justice to be allowed to live as a human, and stood against all oppression and human oppression.

If we as women don’t want to live in a society where women are looked down upon, treated unfairly and violence are on, we need to organize ourselves, to develop our collective defense and put an end to an unstructured society and stand together against the patriarchal system. We call on all civil organizations and human and women’s rights organizations to join together and bring a parallel struggle against women’s oppression mentality.

Therefor we are calling on all civil organizations, human and women’s rights organizations to join together and bring a parallel struggle against women’s oppression mentality and physically.


KJAR-Europe – Free Women Society of Eastern Kurdistan

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